Are you looking as your hosting provider?

Are you looking as your hosting provider?

Server Location : Germany

Why server location?’s DATA CENTERS located in the Germany. servers are high powered, ultra-reliable, expertly handled by engineers and monitoring every time. Sometimes won’t allow to host your website category under the Germany cyber legislation. So you should better read the terms and condition before you buy the server.
OR you can simply ask for our LIVE chat assistance anytime. We will tell every possibility about Normally, if you are planing to buy a server for registered company. No need to read the terms & condition. you can buy the server from

Web Hosting Company Reviews: AwardSpace Reviews

AwardSpace as a hosting provider specializes in flexible options for both veteran and beginner webmasters.

The ideal customers for this hosting service are individuals or business that prefer versatility in hosting options and who are skilled enough handle ticket level support.

Unique features of

The web hosting provider offers the following unique features;

  • FreebiesEven though there are a lot of other hosting options, but only a few of these offer freebies like AwardSpace. In order to try to allow prospective customers handle their hosting service, the web hosting service offers free site hosting. Even if, this feature is limited, it comes with several other freebies. One of which is the free subdomain that combines the company’s name with the user’s name, but allows the user to customize the site completely. Users may choose to upgrade and use a shared hosting plan instead. The shared hosting site comes with a free website builder known as Soholaunch. This application is built for easy usage and may be used by a novice. Along with the paid plan, the user receives a free domain name.
  • Concrete 5This app is a richer app building application that can be used for free with some plans. It’s optimized for both beginners and webmasters. It features some drag and drop elements to create a more functional website. Some things can be added include maps, slideshows, and forms. The web host also provides a four-step process to enable users to create sites without a hassle. The steps include;
    • Picking the template
    • Choosing the kind if pages
    • Entering image and content
    • Previewing and editing the completed work
    • Host to the LIVE
  • SMO servicesThe significance of social media in website management has been largely underrated, and this is why AwardSpace created the SMO or social media optimization services. The services provided in this package include custom graphics and setup, integration with social media channels and complete account setup. These services are offered in bundles to help the user get the most of their website. They can begin feeding the website to social media from whatever account they prefer. This feature allows users to connect with their audience without them moving from their comfort zone.

Pros :

  • Unique payment optionAwardSpace recently announced that it had joined the multitude of web hosting companies that accept bitcoin payments.
  • Free reseller hostingThe company is a pioneer of free reseller hosting.
  • Money back guaranteeThe company has a strict money back guarantee that refund clients their money within the first 30 days when they are unsatisfied with their purchase.
  • Uptime guaranteeA 99.9% uptime is guaranteed for the company’s paid services. However, there isn’t any guarantee for the free hosting service.
  • Green hostingThe company is environment conscious and uses energy from the wind. Users are also given the option to buy shared hosting or green VPS.
  • Support and contact informationThe company offers support 24/7 for all customers.

Awardspace is excellent for users who want versatility as well as affordable pricing.

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